The series "... well, I don´t think I lost anything female." shows 17 close-up portraits of women affected by breast cancer. All those portrayed were asked to talk about the aspect of their illness which was the most important and most influential to them. In their testimonies, the women explain the different aspects of living and surviving with this disease and talk about their personal way of dealing with this taboo subject.
In Germany the show was the first exhibition on this issue of that dimension. For the first time women overlapping the generations outed themselves as breast cancer survivors and spoke openly about the acquaintance with that disease in German society. The work wants to be understood as a forum that gives those women affected the possibility to speak up themselves in public instead of being subject of medical discourses only. Here they themselves demand attention for their situation and ask for the social and political discussion about that disease which currently affects one in nine European women. Since October 1999 the work has been travelling Germany and other European countries extensively.
The images were created using a 6 cm x 6 cm format camera.
A catalogue in German and Greek has been published alongside the exhibition. To order the publication please contact:
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